Final Girl: Solo Horror Board Game Review and Features

Final Girl Solo Horror Board Game

What is Final Girl?

Final Girl is a solo board game that puts you in the role of a female protagonist who must survive a night of terror and defeat a ruthless killer. The game is inspired by the horror movie trope of the Final Girl, the last surviving character who confronts the villain and escapes or kills them.

It was designed by Evan Derrick and published by Van Ryder Games, a company specializing in solo and cooperative games. The game is part of the Hostage Negotiator universe, which means it uses similar mechanisms and components as the acclaimed Hostage Negotiator series.

How to play Final Girl?

To play Final Girl, you need a Core Box and a Feature Film Box. The Core Box contains the basic rules and all the general components needed to play any game of Final Girl. The Feature Film Box contains a unique Killer and Location and specific cards and tokens that create a different scenario and challenge for each game.

Mix and match any Killer and Location from Feature Film Boxes to create your own horror movie experience. For example, you can face off against a masked slasher in a summer camp, a deranged clown in a carnival, or a giant spider in a space station. Each combination will have its own Terror Deck, a set of cards representing the events and actions that happen during the game.

The game is played over several rounds, each consisting of three phases: Killer Phase, Final Girl Phase, and Terror Phase. In the Killer Phase, you draw and resolve a card from the Terror Deck. Which may trigger the Killer’s unique ability or move them closer to you. In the Final Girl Phase, you can perform two actions: moving, searching, fighting, or using items. 

What are some of the Feature Film Boxes?

Final Girl has several Feature Film Boxes, each with its theme and style. Here are some examples:

Happy Trails Horror: You are a park ranger who must stop a maniacal logger from chopping innocent campers in the woods.

Panic at Station 2891: You are an astronaut who must escape from a space station infested with alien spiders that can mimic human forms.

The Haunting of Creech Manor: You are a paranormal investigator who must unravel the mystery of a haunted mansion and its ghostly inhabitants.

Carnival of Chaos: You are a circus performer who must fight through a carnival overrun by a psychotic clown and his twisted minions.

The Island: You are a plane crash survivor who must evade a cannibal tribe on an isolated island.

Why should you play Final Girl?

Final Girl is a game that offers a lot of replayability and variety, as you can try different combinations of Killers and Locations. Then different strategies and tactics. The game also has a high level of immersion and tension, as you feel like you are in a horror movie. The game also has stunning artwork and graphic design that capture the mood and atmosphere of each scenario.

If you are a fan of horror movies or solo games, it is a game you should check out. You can find more information about the game on Van Ryder Games’ website or Amazon.


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