Driving Educational Excellence RSU14 and Robert Hickey, Director of Technology Center, Empowering Windham-Raymond Schools

RSU14 and Robert Hickey: Pioneering Educational Innovation in Windham-Raymond

In pursuing educational excellence, school districts rely on visionary leaders and cutting-edge technology to prepare students for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. RSU14 (Regional School Unit 14) in Windham and Raymond, Maine, has found such leadership in Robert Hickey, the Director of the Technology Center. In this article, we delve into the pioneering efforts of RSU14 and Robert Hickey in leveraging technology to enrich the educational experience for students in Windham and Raymond.

RSU14: A Foundation of Educational Excellence

RSU14 serves as a beacon of educational excellence, encompassing a collective vision to nurture the potential of every student. With a commitment to personalized learning, academic rigor, and community engagement, RSU14 stands as a model for progressive education in the region.

Embracing Technology: Transforming the Learning Landscape

Under the leadership of Robert Hickey, the Director of the Technology Center, RSU14 has embraced technology as a powerful tool for advancing education. RSU14’s technology integration has transformed the learning landscape from interactive classrooms to online learning platforms, making education more engaging, accessible, and inclusive.

Empowering Educators: Professional Development and Support

Innovative technology requires skilled educators to make the most of its potential. Robert Hickey and the Technology Center team at RSU14 prioritize professional development and ongoing support for teachers, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to effectively leverage technology in their classrooms.

Fostering Digital Literacy: Equipping Students for the Future

As digital natives, today’s students must be adept at navigating the digital landscape. RSU14, under Robert Hickey’s leadership, places strongly emphasizes fostering digital literacy, equipping students with critical skills for their future academic and professional endeavors.

Community Engagement and Collaboration: A Shared Vision

RSU14’s success in integrating technology into education results from collaborative efforts involving teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. Robert Hickey’s leadership fosters a shared vision for technological innovation, strengthening the school district’s ties with the community it serves.


RSU14, under the guidance of Robert Hickey, Director of the Technology Center, stands at the forefront of educational innovation in Windham and Raymond, Maine. Through their dedication to personalized learning and the effective integration of technology, RSU14 is empowering students to thrive in the digital era. As the district continues to pioneer educational excellence, Robert Hickey’s leadership inspires other educational institutions seeking to enrich the learning experience and prepare students for success in the dynamic world of tomorrow.

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